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You May Also Like. Quoting Rhyan Weber: my phone was stolen 3 days ago and this is my first time trying to locate my mobile, do i still have the chance to locate it? Rhyan Weber Thomas Quoting Bisha Biva: where is the last location of my lost device gt Bisha Biva Quoting erick matay: i mistakenly erased all data on my samsung galaxy pocket neo gt and its not working again,when i swicth it on its only displays samsung phrase symbol.

Quoting ACEjean: i hope i could get my phone back..

Allow Life360 to run while the phone is blocked

ACEjean Quoting biswa: how to activate samsung galaxy GT-s in android device manager? Quoting sagar: My Samsung galaxy grand quatrro phone is locked and continuously ringing due to sim change My Samsung galaxy grand quatrro phone is locked and continuously ringing due to sim change Quoting chanda: i lost my samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo GT-S Dual SIM , while in a journey and somebody found it but is not returning it, i followed your device manager procedure but in step 4 its not asking for any password and neither in step 5 is working accordingly.

Quoting sachin: sir, my samsung galaxy grand neo was stolen how i will search. Quoting jaychand kumar: Sir my hand set will close by it's screen password but I hhave no remember my password so please help me sir ffor unlock my hand set.

Sir my hand set will close by it's screen password but I hhave no remember my password so please help me sir ffor unlock my hand set. Quoting deepa: how to deactivate samsung galaxy star in android device manager. Name required. E-mail required. Some of them might be of interest to us, but most likely we will have no interest in some others Google Plus, Facebook, Youtube, a demo of a game we have no intention to buy,… The problem is, these applications occupy a valuable space in our system disk, and they cannot be uninstalled or moved to the SD card using the available options.

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Rooting the device The procedure to root an android device depends on the brand and model of the hardware, and on the version of the Android OS installed on it. Installing a File Manager There are many applications in the Android Market offering this functionality. Dickon says:.

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I want to explain why we launched this campaign. Knowledge, you can only heard of the health and fix imei number. These non-native apps tend to run a bit slower, but for lightweight apps, its hardly a problem.

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