How to view text messages online

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Reply 0 Kudos. MI5 Level Supreme. Posts: 87, Re: Where can I check my 02 text messages online? Not anymore unfortunately. I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies.

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Is there a way to read text messages online?

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How to Check Text Messages Online for Free

If using wifi turn data off. Lover of all things Samsung.

Message 5 of 13 9, Views. Message 6 of 13 9, Views. Text messages cannot be sent or received over WiFi. Message 7 of 13 9, Views. Message 8 of 13 9, Views.

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SMS uses the mobile network, not data of any sort, so will still send even with no data connection as long as you have a mobile signal. Message 9 of 13 9, Views.

Use A 3rd-Party Software to Read My Text Message Online

Reply 1 Kudo. Ok, got it. Thank you. Message 10 of 13 9, Views. All the applications mentioned above can help you check SMS online. AirMore and AirDroid are professional mobile phone management tools, which enable you to manage messages online and at the same time manage other data on your phone. Below are the instructions on how to access text messages online with AirMore: Install the AirMore app on your mobile device.

Then you can find the SMS messages stored on your phone. AirDroid AirDroid is one of the best free third-party apps for reading messages online. Go to web. Create an account for AirDriod or just login if you already have an account with it. Scan the QR code to connect. Go to MySMS web page. Register the app with your telephone number. Then you can find all your messages on the webpage. Google Voice Google Voice allows you to check all your messages from your phone, tablet and computer once you have synced your phone data to the Google Voice account.

How to View and Send SMS Text Messages on Your Computer

If you want to know how to check text messages online with Google Voice, you can follow the steps below: Open Google Voice on your computer. Sign in with your Google Account. Wait a moment for it to sync your data. Then you can start to manage your messages on your computer. MightyText MightyText is another tool which can help you send and receive messages and picture messages from computers.

Install MightyText on your phone and your computer. Wait a moment for the app to sync your data. Then you can send and receive messages from your computer. Conclusion All the applications mentioned above can help you check SMS online. Rating: 4. Last updated on January 28, Leave a Comment 0 Comment s.