Revenge cheating spouse

Interestingly, the satisfaction inherent in revenge may be even stronger when it happens within the context of a romantic relationship.

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What experts do know is that women and men are likely to experience similar urges for revenge, but men are far more likely to actually carry it out—and inflict more harm when they do so. Indeed, a large proportion of partner violence is retaliatory in nature; men beating their wives in response to a perceived slight. Even under less dire circumstances, Chester says, revenge in a romantic relationship is not particularly healthy.

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The Neurological Reason Scorned Lovers Seek Revenge

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Featured Video. I want to have sex with someone else and I fantasize about it constantly. I love my husband and hate him at the same time. I began an affair with a married man in summer ; he lives on another continent.

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We maintained regular contact through snail mail, email and Skype and met a few times until January , when his wife discovered the relationship. I was devastated and grieving. In Dec. I went to meet him in that country and he announced that he was intending to stay with his wife.

3. The Proposal Of A Lifetime

I feel angry with him for continuing to pursue me and for inviting me meet him in another country. Why did he continue to pursue me?


I want to give his wife the evidence of his communications so that she is free to make her own decision. I know that the information will be painful to receive, but they had counselling when she discovered the affair and thought that he had changed his behaviour. Part of me believes that she deserves to know about his continued deceit so that the issue can be resolved for better or worse.

One of my coworkers recently admitted to a friend that he found out his wife cheated on him.

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